Purlem’s New Facebook page encourages “Likes”

As I begin to focus more of my time on marketing Purlem I plan to increase my participation and engagement in social media.  My goals for doing this is to both establish myself as a thought leader in the 1:1 Marketing world, and to also increase the reputation and reach of the Purlem brand. (Well… ultimately its all about developing new business).

Inspired by the article How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, I took to integrating some of the ideas presented here to Purlem’s page.

One of the ideas that I liked the most was Red Bull’s use of their “Welcome” page.  A semi-transparent page with a call to “Like Our Page,” hints to like th page to access more of the page’s content.  I took that and used a similar effect on Purlem’s page.

By the way..  you can easily add a welcome tab to your Facebook page with the Tabpress app.

Hopefully this will increase the number of likes we receive from first time visitors to our Facebook page.

For fans, Purlem’s new “Welcome” page displays the animated computer intro from Purlem’s home page. More importantly it has the  call to action buttons to sign up free and view the video intro (which links to our What are Personalized URL’s YouTube Video).

Although I think these are great improvements to our Facebook page, I don’t expect a thousand new likes overnight. I expect the real challenge will be engaging fans with interesting content (which I have some great ideas for).  Stay tuned!