What are Personalized URLs?

So what are PURLs and how can they help my business?

Well I’m glad you asked!

personalized url purl example

Personalized URLs or “PURLs” are simply a URL that is personalized to the recipient.

For example:

(Obviously mysite would be replace with your domain name).

And when Mike goes to the internet and types in his “PURL” he will be taken to a website that is personalized to him.

At the same time, Mikes activity is tracked in Purlem’s dashboard, and you are instantly notified of his visit and any information he submits through the landing page form.

Typically, PURLs are used in conjunction with a direct mail campaign, or with email marketing.

By using PURLs in your next campaign, you’ll be able to benefit from:
– Increased response rates
– The ability to Track Responses in real time, and receive email alerts to instantly follow up with interested prospects
– Engage customers at a deeper level by collecting valuable information from your prospects, and using that information to make subsequent campaigns even more relevant.

With Purlem you can get started for Free.  Yes, absolutly free.  For no risk, and only a few minutes of time, you can test out PURLs and see how they work for your business.  You have nothing to loose and a ton of new business to gain.