Automatically Create PURLs through Purlem’s API

I recently had a client use the Purlem Import API to not only create PURLs on the fly, but also redirect to their PURL microsite.  Seems very obvious, but is a very interesting use of the API that I have not thought of.

My client uses an external system to run his outbound marketing campaigns. The original prospect list has hundreds to thousands of names, and emails. An email is sent to his prospect list, encouraging them to click and view their Personalized URL (PURL).

When the user clicks on the link, it actually takes them through Purlem’s API, a PURL is instantly created, and then they are redirected to their actual PURL microsite.

By including this Personalized URL (PURL) “Auto-Add” link, he does not have to export, import, and sync multiple databases before every mailing.

Additinoally, when the PURL is created through the Purlem’s API, an email is automatically generated, and routed to the sales team for instant follow up.

So to summarize the process:

  1. An external system send emails inviting a large prospect list to check out their PURL
  2. If the prospect clicks on the link, a PURL is created through the API.
  3. They arrive at their PURL microsite
  4. If the visitors completes the short survey, their data is added into the system
  5. A notice is sent back to the sales team and trickle campaigns begin.
  6. An email is automatically sent to sugarCRM and a the lead receives a follow up call within minutes.

To learn more visit the Forum’s PURL API Import Link post.