Country Club Personal URL (PURL) Case Study

Client: Private Country Club (name is confidential)

Campaign Goal: The client already has a list of prospects and their emails from a previous on-site promotion. Now the goal is to collect the mailing addresses and golfing habits of these same prospects so the country club can continue to send them relevant solicitations in the future.

Strategy: Send a an email with a Personalized URL (PURL), that will direct the prospects to a website that welcomes them by name. The call to action will be a “braded gift” from the country club, received after filling out an online survey. When the prospect visits their PURL, they will be guided through a series of questions regarding their golfing habits. At the end, they will be asked to insert their mailing information so the club can send the gift.

Execution: The email sent to the prospects was sent in plain text and contained the following copy:
Dear Mike,

As a past guest of __________, I would like to present you with a free “” of the . We have created a short photo tour of our spectacular courses. To view the tour please go to:

440 Prospects received the email
157 Visited the PURL (35.7%)
110 Completed the survey and submitted their mailing address (25%)