Creative Twitter Pages

I have been playing around with Twitter a little recently.  I’m trying to find good ways to use the medium to spread the word on purlem.  Thought a good place to start was to look at how other businesses are using it to advertise.  In my research I found some pretty creative pages I thought I would share… And finally the design that I settled on.

Nice bold image draws the eye nicely to his URL.

Picture 3

Creative.. and a little creepy…

Picture 4

Rod does not beat around the bush with his message!

Picture 5

Nice design and  has their URL strategically placed in the center of the page.

Picture 6

And saving the best for last 🙂  I thought I would take it one step further..  I put a tracking URL  directs to a landing page.  Lets see if I get any hits.

Picture 9