I know I have discussed with some of you the possibility of  creating “campaigns in a box.”  Basically these would be pre-made campaigns that are tested and proven in the marketplace.  As Eric mentioned, this would “reduce the need to design [landing pages] offline and speed up deployment.”  Bill and I also brainstormed how this would offer specific industy groups a quick and effective way of launching complex marketing campaigns.

Taking this one step further, we could test each of these “campaigns in a box” and have average response rates associated with each one.  This will help give small business owners an idea of their ROI before they even invest.  We could even go as far as guaranteeing that they will receive a specific response rate… but maybe I’m getting a little carried away.

I would be interested to hear your other ideas on this concept.

I was thinking that we could follow a model similar to wordpress, where individuals can create “campaign templates” that integrate into Purlem. Below is a screen shot of how WordPress handles this.  By allowing individuals to add campaigns it would create a community of sorts. Doing this though there would have to be some sort of compensation for those creating the campaigns.   Maybe it would be better to keep campaign production in house.

wordpress templates