A New Purlem Coming Soon…

Today we officially begin work on a new and improved Purlem with a projected launch date of Oct. 9th, 2009.  I would like to thank my loyal and dedicated clients who have been working with me on making Purlem what it is today.  I would not have been able to compelete what I did without you.

We will be completely rebuilding the entire Purlem system to be one streamlined, flawless system.   Along with a new look, Purlem will also feature the element of Time (Thanks Bill!).  This will allow us to send email to everybody in a specific campaign,  to individuals, or to landing page visitors at a specific time in the future, helping to automate the sales process.

Its tricky to keep Purlem simple while it continues to grow with more features and capabilities.  My goal for Purlem is to focus on its most basic feature of PURL marketing, and do it extremely well.  Keep It Simple Stupid!  I’ll be the first to admin- It’s hard not to get carried away with features and capabilities.

This date also marks the beginning of our marketing plan.  We will focus more on getting the word out there about Purlem through both paid and social marketing techniques. It’s an excititing time and I welcome an advice or suggestions any of you may have.  Cheers!