The future of Marketing?

Well I like to think of myself of somewhat of a tech-savvy person, so when I found out that 40% of people in Japan was using something called QR Code technology with their cell phones, I was blown away!

QR Codes seamlessly bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. People can use their camera phone, to take a quick snapshot of QR Codes and they will be instantly transfered to a website. Its like a hyperlink in the offline world!

When I first heard of this my mind went crazy thinking about the possibilities for marketers to exploit this new technology. The first thing I did was try to create a QR Code to link to a personal URL.. and YES, it works! By integrating Personal URLs with QR Codes marketers can send unique QR Codes on direct mail pieces. The recepient can then scan their QR Code, and be directed to a website that is personalized specifically to them! It will say “Welcome John, we have some great information for you…” or whatever specific content you will have for that person. This is good stuff!

This QR Code below was generated at and directs users to
QR Code

It’s obviously going to take some time for this to reach a tipping points in the States, but I believe it is inevitable. Look at ways people are using this technology:

Coca-Cola Japan is giving away free bottles of its two new teas with a QR code promotion.
Coco Cola Japan QR Codes

Two Portuguese wineries are using QR codes on their labels that allow consumers to be linked to a web page dedicated to that particular wine. They can read other people’s comments about it, check prices, and read comments from the winemaker.
Wine Label QR Code

During last year’s U.S. Open, Ralph Lauren introduced QR codes into its print ads, direct mailers, and store windows to send traffic to its new mobile commerce site.
Ralph Lauren QR Code

I’m not sure if this will ever totally replace Personal URLs, but it is definitely an intriguing possibility.

  • David Robertson

    Marty, I was not aware of this technology. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your business. I look forward to seeing how this marketing technology is adopted here in the U.S. Thanks.

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