Take Five Seconds to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates.

Surveys show that every second, minute, hour, and day that goes by without contacting an interested prospect will result in a proportional loss of interest, subsequently reducing the chance of converting that person into a customer.

The best way to skyrocket your conversion rates is to integrate quick follow-up practices into your sales strategy. This, however, can be quite the task for businesses ranging from several to thousands of sales people.

42% of people prefer to respond to marketing messages online versus picking up the phone. When one of the 42% visits your website, and requests more information, where does that request go? Are you able to follow up immediately to the inquiry?

The solution: Implement quick follow up practices that give your sales people a tool to instantly put the lead into their pocket. Personal URLs allow real-time tracking of visitors to your website, with information on their activity there. This information will be sent immediately to the correct sales personnel, based on geography, via email or sms text message. No matter where the salesperson may be, he will be able to respond quickly to any online activity.

Stop losing sales due to slow response times. Start using Personal URLs to monitor and instantly respond to online visitors in order to convert more sales.

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