One Word Can Dramatically Increase Your Response Rates.

We have all been there… completely engaged in a conversation, seemingly ignoring everything around us. Then a voice from across the room, in a normal tone, cuts through the clutter. Someone has mentioned your name and instantly your attention turns to the other conversation. It’s nearly impossible to resist this distraction!

Now smart marketers are able to harness this attention-grabbing power of a prospect or customer’s name in their marketing material with Personal URLs (PURLs).

Personal URLs contain the first and last name of a customer or prospect in a URL. (ex: When Mike receives this piece with his name creatively displayed in a URL, it grabs his attention, and curiosity drives him to respond.

Take a look at the 2004 report from PIA/GATF’s Digital Printing Council. Their study reports that response rates for a customized color direct mail campaign ranged from 6% to 75%, with an average of 21%! Compare that to traditional direct mail’s response rate hovering around 1.3%.

Marketers that utilize customized mailing technology (including PURLs) see an average of 14 times the response rates!

*Interquest, “Variable data imaging Opportunities with Digital Printing Presses”