Decreasing Junk Mail Improves Our Environment…and Increases Your ROI

Did you know that we each get about 40 pounds of direct mail each year? 50% of which we discard, totaling over 4 million tons of paper wasted annually. 4 MILLION TONS!

Mass mailings have escalated the paper entering this country’s solid waste stream from 55 million tons in 1980 to 85.3 million tons in 2006.

Thousands of print marketers are doing their part to lessen this massive problem by simply printing less. Yes, you heard me right… They’re printing less! They are using new digital printing and database technology to send customized mailings to a more targeted consumer. The customized mailings, in turn, provide the marketer with substantially higher response rates and improved ROI.

One way of customizing your mailing is with the Personal URL. This strategy alone has dramatically increased response rates for hundreds of Green marketers, allowing them to print less and make more.