ATTN: Print Service Providers: Discover a New Technology That You Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Today, strict accountability is being asked of all marketing efforts as businesses look to cut costs and preserve the economic return of their marketing efforts. This comes after years of relatively uninhibited expenditures on mass print and broadcast advertising, where the effects of the advertising are difficult to link to specific purchasing behavior.

A sophisticated Personal URL (PURL) program can be the solution to the accountability that executives demand today. A PURL is able to track responses and report back with valuable analytic data such as who responded, when they responded, and whether a conversion was made.

Print service providers who have PURL technology can change their target market from print buyers to the marketing and advertising executives themselves. The reason: Print buyers are only concerned with procuring print at the right price. They typically have five to seven providers who regularly send them quotes. On the other hand, marketing and advertising executives are concerned with driving the company’s success through marketing efforts that are not only effective, but also accountable.

Give the executives a solution to their problem, and you are no longer just one of five to seven print providers bidding for the business. You are the one and only solution to their problem. You’re not just ahead of your competition… you’ve put yourself on a completely different level.

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