87% of Marketers Are Doing This. Are You?

For the first time in over 60 years of detailed record-keeping, U.S. marketers
reduced direct mail investment in 2008, spending a total of $56.7 billion on preparation, production and postage connected to their mail efforts — a drop of 3.0 percent from 2007 spending. The current economic climate, combined with rising postage rates, has caused direct mail’s influence as a high-volume, mass-oriented response driver to all but vanish into thin air.

The trend away from mass to targeted marketing is quickly gaining momentum as marketers begin to look for more efficient ways to generate sales. When a group of service providers were asked which tools or priorities would grow in importance in 2009, 87% indicated Digital/Online Integration (Including the use of Personal URLs).

The old school 1.3% response rate is simply not cutting it for a majority of industries today. The solution is targeted marketing with Personal URLs that will result in dramatically-increased response rates and incredible tracking capabilities.

* Winterberry Group, A Channel in Transformation:Vertical Market Trends in Direct Mail 2009