Marty Thomas- owner of Purlem Personal URL

We're about creating a quality application that people love to use, and developing a culture around it that people want to be a part of.

I created Purlem after seeing a desperate need in the marketplace for a clean, affordable, yet easy to use Personal URL solution.

I was first introduced to PURLs when I was looking to do a direct mail campaign to generate new leads for my web design business. After looking at my options, it looked like I was going to have to pay more than I could afford for a product I didn't really want.

So I made my own Personal URL platform instead. As a result, from Day One our mission statement has been to deliver an incredible product with awesome service at an affordable price.

We're still fairly new to the game, but we figure our fresh flexibility can only be a good thing. It's my hope that you'll come along with us as we demystify the technological confusion and bloated prices that have weighed down the Personalized URL industry for too long.

Let's build something beautiful together,

Marty Thomas

Marty Thomas
Purlem Founder/Developer