Marty Thomas- owner of Purlem Personal URL

Hi. I'm Marty.

I created Purlem in 2009 because the other PURL marketing solutions, well... sucked. Seriously. They were painful to use and cost and arm and leg.

So in classic scratch-my-itch style, I built Purlem to be the PURL marketing platform I wished existed. From day one, the goal has always been to make using PURLs as simple as possible. Maybe even, dare I say it... fun!

Our unique pay-as-you-go structure allows you to pay, only when you need it. There are no long term contracts, or incentivized salesmen here.

But above all else, I'm personally committed to always offering you what I call "boutique customer service". That means you’ll never feel the pain of the average corporate roundabout. That means you’ll receive support with a pulse. That means you’re my most important customer.

Let's build something beautiful together,

Marty Thomas

Marty Thomas
Purlem Founder/Developer